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Hong Kong: New website helps people choose best hospital for their needs

By Surgical Tribune
May 27, 2016

HONG KONG: A new rating platform, HospitalAdvisor, aims to help people living in Hong Kong to make informed decisions about which hospital is right for them. The Chinese and English website, which was launched earlier this month by the Zubin Foundation, covers all 41 public and 11 private hospitals in the region and gathers information and evaluations on the quality of care in each facility.

HospitalAdvisor does not replace the advice of a doctor, but can be a valuable additional tool for patients needing medical care, Shalini Mahtani, Founder of HospitalAdvisor and the Zubin Foundation, said. “As patients, we only go into a hospital if it is a serious medical matter. And yet, we know so little about hospital treatment, so it’s difficult for a patient to know which hospital is right for them. We rely almost entirely on what a doctor may suggest and although the doctor may make a good suggestion, patients have to be engaged to ensure the best possible outcomes,” Mahtani remarked.

HospitalAdvisor is free of charge for all users and can be accessed at The platform rates each hospital using a patient experience survey completed by patients who have been treated in the respective hospital within the last three months. Based on different indicators established from the survey, HospitalAdvisor generates a score for the quality of care provided.

“Experience in the US and elsewhere shows that patient experience surveys can provide important insights about the quality of care in the hospitals. Patients’ experiences are both important unto themselves and a very good proxy for broader quality of care,” said Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute Prof. Ashish Jha, who developed the survey together with Dr Janice Johnston from the University of Hong Kong. According to Jha, the quality of care score for each hospital will be updated at the end of each month.

Mahtani and her husband, Ravi Gidumal, established the Zubin Foundation, a non-profit think-tank, in memory of their son Zubin, who died tragically in 2009 after a short stay in a Hong Kong hospital. Committed to improving the lives of Hong Kong people, the foundation focuses on racial inclusion, patient care and special education needs of non-Chinese-speaking children.

More information about the Zubin Foundation can be found at

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